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5 Best VPN Software to Use on Pc


Try this list of best  VPN software on your pc works on all windows and tell me what you think about them…
Are you tired of been on the radar or do you want to download a file from an un trusted source?

This sound crazy , do you know?

69% of the website you download from daily try to get information maybe data stored on your laptop or to track you.

Check out the very best 5 VPN software to hide yourself.

The VPNs listed have this four qualities to protect you:

App quality
Supports OpenVPN protocol
DNS leak protection
Speed and performance

Top 5 VPN Software

Our best is ExpressVpn, but we have tried and used hotspot shield and its also the best i have used.. You can try it out and give me feedback.


    ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, outside the “14 Eyes” jurisdiction. The company maintains a strong stance on privacy and offers OpenVPN and AES-256 encryption to scramble your traffic and conceal it so your ISP can’t read or log it. They don’t log DNS requests, traffic or IP addresses, but they do log timestamps and bandwidth.
    Express VPN offers ease of use, good speeds and a wide range of servers across 87 countries. P2P and torrenting is allowed, so this VPN works well for data-intensive tasks, and streaming is both smooth and seamless. Top this off with a sleek and easy-to-use client, ability to pay with Bitcoin, fast and friendly support service with live chat, and you get a hassle-free experience that even the most tech-challenged will probably love.
      They unfortunately limit users to three devices, but do support many platforms so you can run it on both desktop and mobile devices.
        Express VPN has three subscriptions starting at $12.95/month, which drop down to $8.32/month if you subscribe to a 12-month plan. This definitely isn’t the cheapest service on the list, but it offers a decent combination of privacy, speed, and ease of use.


          NordVPN is a Panama-based provider with an impressive set of features and a reputation of excellence. The speed and performance of NordVPN is top-notch, with 830+ server location across 57 countries – and counting.
          It’s easy to switch servers, access streaming websites like Netflix, and bypass region-based restrictions. Plus, you can choose servers to deliver specific types of content (ultra-fast, ultra-secure). Nord doesn’t cap your bandwidth or restrict any file types, and the Windows client is easy to set up and use.
          NordVPN deploys a unique, double-encryption tactic, adding another layer of protection to your data. They also state a zero-logging policy, use their own DNS servers and offer a Kill Switch, so if your VPN connection suddenly disconnects, the Kill Switch will shut down any website or program you specify. Nord allows up to six devices per user, so you should be able to cover all your VPN needs with just one account.
          The prices aren’t the cheapest, and a 1-month subscription will set you back $11.95 monthly. This drops down to $5.75 per month if you buy a 12-month subscription, and your purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 2-year subscriptions offer very steep discounts.


            IPVanish is a Phoenix-based provider offering 256-bit AES encryption, a zero-log policy, unlimited bandwidth and a laundry list of perks like anonymous unlimited torrenting, coupled with fast speeds and flawless performance. IPVanish has servers in 60+ countries, and provides smooth streaming from BBC iPlayer and Hulu. You can bypass region restrictions, remain anonymous, enjoy high speeds and conceal your traffic from your ISP.
            Subscriptions start at $10 per month in a monthly plan, and decrease to $6.49 per month if you commit to service for 12 months. The trial period is seven days and their Windows client is a breeze to use. Overall, it’s very user-friendly, and supports most platforms, while allowing up to five simultaneous connections from different devices per user. Since the company’s headquarters are based in the US, privacy-intrusive legislation is unfortunately applicable.

              Hotspot Shield

              Hotspot Shield is a US-based VPN provider offering both Free or Elite subscriptions. The free version has ads, bandwidth cap, and won’t let you stream Netflix or BBC iPlayer. Elite subscribers can choose between the 6, 12 or 24-month plans. No monthly subscriptions are available at this time. That said, a one-year subscription starts at just $2.49.
              If you’re okay with a US-based provider, you should be able to appreciate the virtues of Hotspot Shield, which include OpenVPN, and AES-256 encryption. Hotspot Shield does not log activity but does maintain some connection logs.
              Support, is ticket-based, which means if you run into problems, you’ll need to be patient. The Windows client is finely tuned for beginners, but unfortunately, advanced features like a kill switch and an option to track bandwidth aren’t available.
              Both Free and Elite subscribers will enjoy great speeds and performance, and absence of DNS leaks, but only Elite users can switch servers.
              Overall, Hotspot Shield is a great choice for novice users and those who use VPN occasionally and don’t want to commit to a paid subscription.


                VyprVPN is a robust VPN service based in a country that’s home to an extremely privacy-friendly climate: Switzerland. VyprVPN has an impressive network of 700 servers in 70 different locations, and 200,000 IP addresses allow for unlimited switching. So, accessing sites like Netflix, Hulu or BBC iPlayer is a no-brainer.
                They own and operate their servers, so no third parties can mingle with your privacy. On top of that, they deploy a unique Chameleon technology to bypass state-imposed censorship blocks.
                VyprVPN does not cap bandwidth, nor restrict torrenting of any file types. The Windows client is easy to set up and use, with neat and self-descriptive buttons that provide fast access to VPN’s many features.
                Just as refreshing as their feature set is the fact that the payment structure is straightforward. Once you register, you can test the service for three days for free. Three subscription levels are available – Basic, Pro, and Premium – all with a monthly or yearly billing option.
                The Basic plan starts at $5 per month for an annual subscription and Premium comes in at $6.67 per month. Both the Pro and Premium plans grant you the protection from Deep Packet Inspection.

                Have you seen the best VPN of your choice, why not share with us your experience if you have used it before..

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                1. I have been using PureVPN on my windows 10 since last year & it works fine for me. I mean, I stream Netflix through PureVPN's chrome extension and I was also able to stream the whole FIFA LIVE.

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