Instagram Has finally updated its notification feature for Instagram lite and web version, but the platform has slowly been adding more and more features to it these past few years. Now, it looks like Instagram has finally given it the power of notifications. Next time you visit the platform on a Chrome browser whether on mobile or on the desktop, you’ll see a message asking if you’d like to switch on notifications for new followers, likes and comments.

According to Android Police, the option is now also available for Instagram Lite, the lightweight version of the app for phones with small RAM and storage, as well as for places with the slow or intermittent internet connection.

This will give more people, especially in developing nations where low-end smartphones are very common, the chance to enjoy an Instagram that’s almost as good as its main app. (And even if you already have the main app on your phone, it’s still a nice feature to have if you want to get notifications on your PC.) You still can’t use the web version or IG Lite to send other users direct messages or to upload videos, but they’re not such a bad substitute anymore.