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Snapchat rolls out new Lenses that respond to voice commands


Snapchat has updated its’s application for snapchatters, they don’t need to keep typing anymore to animate lenses on their snaps.

This new snapshot feature allows enable users to add a cartoon “OK” sign by simply saying the word, or a swirl of rose petals and music by uttering the word “love.” this feature is called voice controlled lenses.
Snapchat app can only recognize single words at once, but all of them will trigger some effect on the screen. It will also have instructions pop-up guiding users through this new way to interact.

For this first iteration, saying OK, Hi, Love, or Wow will start a Lens within the app.

This new feature will roll out to users worldwide over the next week, with the voice-controlled lenses rotating into the lens carousel intermittently.

We have a feeling Instagram might clone this feature soon, please give a comment what do you think about this update.

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