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Glo Oga Sim Double Data Offer – Gives You 125% Bonus Data

Finally, Glo is turned on by ntel woof plan by introducing its own Glo Oga Sim for its subscribers that double data bonus over the standard data package on their subscriptions. For instance, if you subscribe for 7.2GB @ N2500, you’ll be given extra 7.2GB Oga sim data bonus making it 14.4GB.

How to get the Glo Oga Sim

1. Make sure your Glo sim is 4G(not compulsory) enabled or go to the nearest Glo outlet to upgrade your 3G sim to 4G

2. Renew the plan before your current plans expire.
And for your information, Glo subscribers have also been testifying that 4G sim is faster in their location compared to some other places.

Can I use Glo 4G SIM on my 3G enabled phone?

Yes, you can. This is a welcome development and those of you using Glo 4G LTE can also testify of the speed in your location.

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