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Glo Introduces Data Calculator for tracking data spent on internet


Glo Limited is performing a wonderful job, their network is really fast now if you ain’t using it you are really missing. Glo has made it easy for everyone to calculate data they want to buy and use for social media or browsing various website. recently all social media platform have been swallowing our datas with different application upgrades like facebook, whatsapp, instagram, snapchat and lot more.

The internet world is really changing fast these days and that’s why Glo has decided to launch a way which enables subscribers to estimate the amount of Internet data usage on a monthly basis.

How Does Glo Data Calculator Works

Glo Data calculator works really as we expected and we have checked it out here on deegeek we have noticed you can use the data calculator to check data estimate of;

  • Social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, eskimi etc
  • Browsing like deegeek, other blogs, lindaikejiblog etc
  • Instant messaging like messenger
  • Music like apple music, deeze, soundcloud
  • Videos (Non HD & HD) like netflix, youtube, vimeo, dailymotion
  • Sending email attachment
  • Stream games like football etc

Now the question is how much data do you need? to spend time on must of this mention online things we do daily, that’s why Glo data calculator has been launched for you and me.

How do you calculate yours?

Visit Glo Data Calculator Website

You will see all options mentioned above for you to slide circle to the amount of hours or minute you want, after doing that the monthly data estimation should move up.

We have used the calculator looking at the image below you should see how we calculated data estimation for using social media 30min daily, browsing 2 hours daily and 30min instant messaging which gives us 12Gb if we want to the using the internet for a month then we should 12GB,

glo data calculator

isn’t that cool 🙂 ?..

Ok, Nigerians lets hear from you about this using the comment box.

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