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YouTube Dark Theme Now Rolling Out for android users


Youtube dark theme is finally available for Android users, dark mode also is known as “night mode” Different reports of the dark mode being automatically activated on the YouTube Android app.

The dark mode is automatically appearing on some people’s YouTube apps, and some are saying that they’ve seen a notice about it pop up on the bottom of their screen.

The Reddit user who uploaded the screenshots notes that he’s using a Pixel 2 on Android P Beta 4, he’s not a Premium user, and he’d had dark mode enabled on his desktop, though we’re not sure if there’s any connection there.

Again, when dark mode for Android does go live on a device, users should see the option automatically enabled with a dialog box offering to disable the feature. Whether they choose to turn it off then or leave it enabled, the dark theme can be toggled on or off by going into the app’s settings menu. To find the option, tap on the avatar in the top right corner, select Settings, choose General and locate the Dark Theme item near the top of the menu.

The arrival of this theme on Android, YouTube should again be on par with the service on other platforms. Google has not officially stated why it has taken the company so long to bring this feature to Android.

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