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Why you should choose Ubanni Classifieds Marketplace


Yeah, we all know about Jiji classified though ubanni is here to serve you better than what Jiji havent given you.Ubanni.com is Nigerian Classifieds Marketplace it’s an open online ads listing platform.

Most of us using Jiji might look down on ubanni without looking at the great benefit of this classified marketplace. Most of the features Ubanni comes with include: making transactions between buyers and sellers easier, improved user experience, mobile, and pc friendly and making it the best choice for selling and business marketing.

Using Ubanni is worth more than just selling without getting sales you can sell your services on ubanni, currently ubanni ain’t hiring anyone…

I have listed some amazing features which ubanni comes with that makes them different from jiji…

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Amazing Features Behind Ubanni Classified

Ubanni has a lot of features, let’s give you in details below; 

Multilingual: Our utmost concern is giving our users the very beat and real-time internet marketing and shopping experience. Users can translate the marketplace and its contents to there language of choice except for English(default) words which cannot be translated to users selected language. Change back to default by taping on the floating language panel.

Geolocation Map: Using the aid of google map API integration, this feature is one of the handy tools which marks ads points based on location on a visual map or satellite view. This feature helps users to locate and find items nearest to them in a seamless and stress-free tap.

Using the advanced icons, users can expand the map, view a full-screen map or walk to ads location viewing streets and exact direction. Also, maps help users to view sellers current location.

Bump-up ads feature: This feature helps users to return and boost featured adverts, products or services back to the top of ads category list to increase more views and better conversion. Best time to use this feature is midway between ads expiry, this feature is only available for paid users as simple ads do not support it.

Radius Search: Having to search through tons of ads and contents looking for an item can be stressful and time-consuming. This feature combines all search options including item location for users to sort ads accordingly and deliver leas stress-free search adventure.

Quick Messaging System: This feature helps in communication between users of the platform. Users get notified of sent messages on their account dashboard and on emails. Users can also easily send and reply received messages.

Hidden contact button: Ubanni sellers contacts are in hidden in button and once an interested user clicks on the button to view contact, the user automatically dials sellers contact through device dialer, users can cancel the call to save the contact.

Image Reordering: This feature allows users to set a catchy image of choice to display first amongst uploaded images in other to attract more ads views.

Seller Location map: This feature displays sellers location on a map view

Ad video icon: Gain more audience and improve the performance of your ads by using this feature to engage more audience in a video explainer for your product, business or services.

Bidding Option: We give our users the real-time negotiation and pricing of ads on our platform. This feature helps users to place a bid on ads. Ads author can enable or disable this feature while posting or editing ads.

Ads and seller rating: Users can review and rate the Genuity and trustworthiness of seller and product using this feature, this helps to keep Ubanni platform more transparent and authentic.

Note: just all each user gets free 4 featured post on its account when they register that makes ubanni the best.. are you ready why not join ubanni classified now!!

This is the first surprise coming from Ubanni get ready for more…

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