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Whatsapp Can Now Allow you Re-Download Media Files


Whatsapp is really giving us some amazing features lately now we can re-download media files shared if accidentally deleted from your phone.

This feature has alot of usefulness to add in our daily challenges that some face when their phone storage is full and seeking for a means to keep the files sent to them on whatsapp for some time still they can free their phone space and get back to the sent media and download it…

This feature is not available for iOS users because it is unlikely that users will delete anything from the internal file directory without access.

How To Get The Media File Back

Just go to your whatsapp and click on the chat where the file is located and re-download, enjoy the function of the useful update made by whatsapp.

WhatsApp also posted a new FAQ (frequently asked questions) to clarify the use of end-to-end encryption for messages sent to a business via WhatsApp. The social media giant explained that the messages are encrypted and that no unauthorised entity, not even Facebook, has access to the data. They did clarify, however, that anyone with access to that account will be able to see the messages and that it was the responsibility of the business to handle your messages “in accordance with its privacy policy.”

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