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Review: Difference between NNU and ponzi scheme

Today many of us still don’t believe NNU income Program, NNU is the best online theme to earn money in Nigeria with little investment.

I will be sharing a valuable content about differentiating between NNU and Ponzi scheme and why you should join NNU then risk everything on Ponzi scheme. You get paid by other people’s sweat and it would crash anytime.

Difference between NNU and Ponzi Scheme


You get paid from revenue made from an advertisement on nnu site. Did you know Linda Ikeji makes millions every month from her blog? Likewise Seen Osewa the owner of Nairaland.
NNU also makes millions from their forum and share the money amongst qualified users. No fear of crashing!

In Ponzi Scheme

You only get paid when you refer someone or got matched!


You get paid for reading news, commenting, posting on forum, sharing sponsored posts on Facebook.
Instead of going to naij.com, Nairaland.com etc to read news without getting paid come to NNU platform and get paid.
You also get paid for introducing NNU to someone.

In Ponzi Scheme

The business won’t be registered nor the owner will be known. That’s why the government warned those who participate in it.


The business is registered under the name G-CYBER TECHNOLOGIES. Check cac.gov.ng for verification.
 The owner is a well-known Internet marketer and a prominent blogger/web designer – Paul Samson.
He communicates with us every day on Facebook. If he scams us he would be arrested by EFCC.

In Ponzi

No partner is known!


The partners are whogohost.com – Nigeria number one web hosting company. Duly registered by CAC. allevents.ng a registered event ticket selling company

In Ponzi Scheme

You pay back into the system everytime you withdraw.


You pay a one time fee of 1600 and never again. You continue getting paid for life!

In Ponzi scheme

Payment is peer to peer from an individual account.


Payment is from the company’s current account to your account. The company’s account is registered by UBA. All money go in and out of it.

if you have to join NNU today then you are wasting your time reading a post with earning on nairaland when NNU gives you more then that.

Want to join NNU?

Read how to join NNU HERE or Click here to register bit.do/nnu-reg

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