Instagram has finally added a new feature which many has been waiting for this features allows you know who is online similar to facebook chat which shows users online in a green dot. Instagram announced this feature on its blog on Thursday.

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The new status indicator dot will show up in a few places in the app, including your Instagram Direct inbox and the share menu.

Status indicators will only show up for friends who already follow you or for people who you’ve talked to before in Instagram Direct messages, and you’ll be able to both hide your status from others and turn off the feature completely if you want.

Apart from a green dot to show when users are online, Instagram will also show recent activity status including timestamps such as ‘Active 25m ago’ and ‘Active yesterday’.

In Addition, Instagram gives users the option to hide the new online status that will available for users on Android and iOS. To do that, go into Settings on the app and turn off the Show Activity Status option.

Having such feature on Instagram will improve messaging on Instagram and enable you to know when the user is online.