Ever wished of earning more than 25,000 naira a month? alot of people are on this nnu income program, today am going to be sharing a huge secret on how to make over 25,000 naira monthly through NNU income program . In the simplest language, it just involves sharing posts on Social media and getting paid at the end of the month.

Another way to define NNU income program is to look at it as if Facebook is telling you to share a post and you will be rewarded from the revenue they make from it. Before I continue, I have a history to tell.

A few years back, different ‘make money online programs’ surfaced. Many of which were a scam. This made a lot of people to give up on any type of online investment schemes.

In 2016, thousands of Nigerians lost a huge amount of cash for the biggest scam of the digital era known as MMM.

Not quite after, another ugly scam took over under the guise of being a cryptocurrency. The Billion coin successfully looted millions of naira from a lot of unaware Nigerians.

Until now there is no single legit way of making money online. One painful thing is that, despite knowing the risks involved in trading online many people still search for a way to make money online on a daily basis which is cool because everyone wants to become rich.

This has made a lot of entrepreneurs to deliberate on different solutions to the problems and risks posed by online investments. Many of the solutions are not effective and crashed ultimately.

However, the most legit and trustworthy program have ever heard of is NNU, a program founded by Paul Samson the CEO of Eboss (http://paulsamson.com.ng/). This took me back to when he started coolnaira.com a referral program which has paid over 15 million a year to active users on the program and still available, but why register on coolnaira when it’s just a referral program after referring all your family and friends what next? Nothing.

So that’s why am bringing this new opportunity and way to make online.

In addition to that, NNU is operating under a CAC registered business name called G-Cyber Technologies, a professional web and ICT business with registration number 2453653.

What is NNU income program?

NNU herself is an abbreviation of the word ‘Nigerian News Update’. The platform operates what we know as NNU income program with a mission of solving financial related problems in the society.

This program is divided into two sessions namely, NNU Ad Revenue Sharing (NARS) and NNU Affiliate Program (NAP). Once you register you are eligible to participate in both.

How to make money through NNU income?

With the NARS program, you will make N100 for sharing advertisement on your dashboard to social media once a day. You will also earn 50 Naira for just login into your dashboard every day.

Furthermore, for every news, you read on the site and comment you automatically earn N2 or more depending on the post-revenue. Posting on the forum gives you additional N100 for each post. Combining all these tasks together you could earn thousands within 30 days.


Simple calculations

If you share a post every day for 30 days you will earn 100 naira times 30 days which is equal to 3000 naira. If you log in every day for 30 days you will earn 50 Naira * 30 days = 1500 naira.

If you read 50 posts per day for 30 days and comment, you will earn 50 * N2 * 30 days = 3000 naira. If you write your own post and put it on their website you will get 100 naira. Putting one post per day for 30 days is equal to 30 times 100 naira = 3000 naira.

Everything sum up to (3000 + 3000 + 1500 + 3000=) 10500 naira in a month through NARS program.

All these calculations are on average you can achieve more with more efforts.

With NAP you get paid for introducing the NNU program to someone. You will get 1000 naira on every referral.

If you refer 10 friends in a month you will earn 10 times 1000 naira = 10000 naira.
Adding your total NARS and NAP earnings you will have 10500 + 10000 = 20500 naira in a month.


How to join NNU Income Program?

To join NNU Income Program follow the registration link here, a one-time registration fee of 1600 is charged. You may want to ask why do NNU charge N1600 registration fee? This is secure the integrity of the platform and to avoid fraud problems due to multiple registrations, paying server maintenance, paying affiliates etc.

You have to send the registration fee to their Current account registered with UBA. The details are provided on the registration page.

How to get paid or withdraw from NNU platform?

After completing the registration and payment of the 1600 naira one-time registration fee. You will be asked to submit your bank details. The payment will automatically be sent to you every 29th of the month.

Is NNU Income Program a scam?

NNU is never a scam since it is duly registered and the people behind it are well-known. You can use the Cooperate Affairs Commission database to verify their authenticity.

NNU, as discussed earlier, is just sharing her income with her users. It is exactly like Nairaland where you can read and post news, just that Nairaland doesn’t share her revenue with her users.

Moreover, I have made a lot of cash with it, likewise my friends. In addition to that, 1600 is a token amount and one could not risk a good name because of that.


In making money online its not an easy task, it involves a lot of risks taking and if you, not a risk taker trust me you can’t earn online.

NNU income program reduces the cost of earning more everyday and its different from coolnaira that’s just referring people only, you can read the news and also share them if they are really important and you make your money for sharing them.

Am only here to make you earn a living from the business world online…

Nnu income program review


Level of trust


site security



  • Relaible
  • Easy to access


  • must meet earning requirement
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