I noticed most of the Symbian users really need to Hack their phone to enjoy some benefits like modding the phone, apply theme etc. Well, I have been able to Hack a Symbian Phone I have and am sharing the steps used and the application used in doing this perfectly.
This hacking method works on Symbian Phone, and I have applied to Nokia E71 and E62, works on all Symbian.

Benefits of hacking your phone

It allows you to install all applications whether it’s signed or not.
It helps you to stop seeing errors like “certificate error” during the installation of files.
It allows you to install games and applications with expired certificates.
Your Symbian just looks like you a full developer of your phone…

How to Hack your Symbian successfully

Well, firstly you can format your phone if you like but in my own case, I didn’t format the phone I just went to the next step.
Before we go to the next step, it’s advisable you download the applications below so as to make the tutorial easy to understand while hacking your phone.
Download Xplore
Download ROM patcher
After downloading all apps you can move to the next step. The image below shows how the apps look like:
Note: You can also get ROMPATCHER and Xplore when you download the Norton Symbian Hack zip, that will save you time.

In order to install non-certified applications. If you own a Nokia E-series mobile phone (E60, E61, E70, E71, …), You may want to do following in order to allow your phone to install this application:

Go to Settings, scroll->application->Open Application Manager

Switch Software installation to *All* (not Certified only)

After setting it, now you can install Xplore and open it if your phone refuses to install Xplore then change your phone date to (2014 or 2009), you should see something similar to that in the image below:

After installing the Xplore, open it and install NORTON SYMBIAN HACK.

Go to C; your download folder
Where you saved all the applications you downloaded earlier.
Open Norton Symbian hack.zip and install NortonSymbianHack S60v3 s60v5 S3 S4.sisx 

After installing the Norton Hack, go and open it. Press option >>Antivirus >> Quarantine list >>Option >> Restore.
Don’t forget to Exit application, delete from App manager (Symantec Symbian Hack) it might slow down your phone.

Install ROMPATCHER after installing go and open the Rompatcher and press option-all patches apply-add to auto, to locate ROMPATCHER open the Norton Symbian Hack zip folder again and scroll to ROMPATCHER and install it if it refuses to install change your date and time back to current date and time then it should install now.

Open4all for full access to system folders (private, sys, resource …)


Finally, we hacked it!! Now you can control your Symbian phone, you can install themes, mod the phone, add fonts and lot more.

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