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How to Create Facebook ChatBot For your Website

Are you looking for a better way for your visitors or customers to chat with you quickly instant of going through the stress using other online chat systems like tawk.to and drift etc?

Note: Chatbot helps improve customer relationship in a business.

In this article, I will help you solve that problem easily by using your facebook page to get your visitors or customers inbox you directly. Chatbot doesn’t just allow you to start a conversation with your visitors but also allows you send info directly to them.

The function of chatbot on your website

A chatbot is a floating icon on the bottom-right corner of your website screen just like tawk.to and drift, but this chatbot icon is represented in messenger icon.
This chatbot makes it easy for you to give quick replies to your visitors and fast support, they can also interact with your bot in a way that you set all questions and answer you believe your visitor will ask..
Facebook doesn’t charge anything to install this feature, don’t let anyone tell you its a hard step to install, I did it in just 5-10mins.
You have full access to manage all message on your Facebook page inbox, you can mark as completed.
This chatbot helps improve customer relationship with you and your visitors.
The amazing feature about this chatbot, it comes with automated answer feature, where you set answers to likely questions your visitors might ask when you partially busy before coming to give a reasonable answer to the asked question.
I wil advice you set FAQs on your chatbot if you don’t have a team to manage the page message coming in.
Finally, let’s get started.

Setting Chatbot On your website

#1 Setup Messenger Chabot using Chatfuel
I recommend chatfuel as a tool to help create your messenger chatbot, very easy to use.
So firstly you have to visit Chatfuel sign up with your Facebook account.
After you have a login, click the Automate tab. Then click on the + sign to create a new block.
Click a new blank bot to create a new bot.( if you want to create a new bot)
click the title of the block and rename it “Live Chat.” Under Add a Card, click the + sign.
In the pop-up window, click Live Chat to add the live chat plugin.

Now modify the default start message (“You started a chat session with our operator”). Type in something like “Welcome {{first name}}! How can I help you?” Adding curly brackets after “first name” tells the bot to include the user’s first name in your welcome message. Facebook will automatically provide this information, so you don’t need to ask the user to complete a form or fill out this basic detail.

Now click the Link icon at the top of the page, next to the name of the block.

In the window that appears, toggle the Block Link option on. Then enter a ref link and be sure to remember what you typed in. Then click the orange Done button.
Since you have created a greeting message its time to get your messenger chatbot code and implement.
Click the Grow Tab in the left sidebar. On the Growth Tools page, find Customer Chat Plugin for Your Website and click Enable below it.

In the pop-up window, enter the URL for the website where you plan to install this Messenger chat plugin. Then enter the ref parameter you added above. When a user starts a live chat with your Messenger chat plugin, your bot will send users this message block containing the live chat plugin.

so click Copy to copy it to your clipboard. You’ll then paste this code into the Header section of your WordPress site or Blogspot site.

Now that you successfully implemented the messenger chatbot you should start seeing the messenger icon on your website. If you having difficulty while setting it up comment below for easy step guide.

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