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Google Doc gets grammar checker like Grammarly


A lot has been happening on the internet lately developers improving their software, now Google has added a new feature to help you spice your document when typing using google doc which was announced on Google blog.

If you know how Grammarly works which is very popular these days when typing same goes to how to google doc grammar checker works using artificial intelligence, Google Docs uses machine learning technology to recognize and help correct potential grammar errors in real time.

The new features build on the existing spell check functionality to also highlight possible grammar errors in your text and help you correct them. This will help you spend less time checking and proofreading your work and make your writing easier to understand.


How it works

When Docs detects a possible grammar correction, it will underline it in blue to indicate you might want to check it. You can right-click to see a suggested correction or dismiss the alert. Possible grammar errors will also show up when you run a spelling and grammar check through the tools menu.

In addition, Google also made it easier to review all language suggestions for a given document with an updated spelling and grammar check tool in Docs.To launch it, either use the “Tools” menu or right-click on a suggestion and select “Review more suggestions.” The tool will then show you each suggestion and help you take action to correct any errors.

Business users get access to the new feature first. They can use the feature today, but they’ll need to join the early adopter program and get the feature enabled by their system administrator.

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