I have seen a lot recently on Google search engine, this case study will show us all what we have been missing and haven’t noticed on Google search engine. We are in a technology world were things changes around us, at least we have noticed what most social network platforms have been doing to their apps, that’s what I call technology changes and improvement, same with gadgets we have seen different features on gadgets we don’t expect to see which makes us wonder, how will technology look like in the next 10 years? If we see technology like this today.

It’s simply because technology is changing every day that brings us back to Google a technology company which means changes applies to them.

Back to the case study, our study is Google, why?

Because we want to know all we haven’t noticed from Google and why we haven’t heard of it before or why is the change so?


I have written some post on my seo guide, basically the algorithm part we have 1,000 of algorithms we don’t know about even if we know few of it, why am I talking about algorithm? I might seem to be going off point here but if we think about it… have we sat down to check all the algorithms to see which is still active?

The only Google algorithms most of us know are animal’s algorithms like hummingbird, penguin, spider etc. but what about others that effects ranking factor that were not mentioned?

Well you don’t know… let me break the news Vince update is still active and works everyday on high keywords. Yeah I can see you trying to know more about Vince update.

Note that vincet update is not a new update, it’s been active a long time.

What is Vince Update?

Vince update is a term of ranking algorithms of all brand domains in front page first before non-brand domains.

How This Update Does Affects Us?

We can compete with big brand domains on contents, even if keyword is optimized.
We should not think of front page when brand domains are active on same content.

This update has been existing a long time, yeah most might say, this is an old update and they know about it, but have they checked how this update can affect us a lot.

Finally I also to conclusion that Google isn’t here to help or solve your problems, its here to make money. So let’s think about it why rank big brand domain on front page before thinking of non-brand domain? Sure those brands are going to make them some cool cash, either by advertising or whatever means I don’t know yet.

To make you understand this update I embedded matt cutts video on Google Vince update to understand about it.

Keyword Research is Useless

Yes, yes and yes… I will say it again and again….

Do you know we have been hiding in lies without finding more that we have missed?
Yeah, you smiled..

Today is the day of making you believe what you haven’t been told before..

We have been hearing about keyword research a lot but how many of us have heard of topical research I can give a rating of keyword research -> 89% and Topical research -> 11%.

But we don’t know keyword researching is just a total waste of time that’s why we don’t get effective features on keyword planner like it was when it came out as keyword tool.. Most might not know that either….

Keyword planner is a useless tool to find keywords now if you haven’t been told, though it might be on my best keyword research tool but try other tools mentioned there and see why I said keyword planner is useless..

Disadvantage of using keyword planner


  1. Keyword planner is not as effective as it was in the beginning.
  2. Keyword planner don’t display data properly for us.
  3. We can’t find low competitive keyword properly with it.

So why use a tool that can give you the best, I will explain better..

I was doing a research on keyword planner trying to find low competitive keywords after adding filters to make the data easy to find I ended up using up to 2gb for just searching keywords after hours of finding a keyword with search volume from 100 – 1k I added it to my post and gbam… I was worried if I have done the right thing, than I decided to use another tool kwfinder only for me to see the search volume was 3 million… I was just bordered if to cry or laugh than I said what is the function of the tool?

How can you keep on performing keyword research only for you to meet big brands at the top while you follow as a guard, no one wants to be a guard forever.
I have taken a screenshot from Google trends on the research I did on both keyword and topical research below;

If you look carefully, am here to prove a lot of us wrong that we are following our forefather footsteps instead of building ours, if you look at the graph very well you will see that topical research is much popular than keyword research and keyword research don’t work anymore, they are just head tails in topical research… let me explain in full details.

What is Topical research?

Topical research is about writing a topical that gives information to your readers and add value, which solves problem easily.

How do we relate this with keyword research?

Keyword research is about finding a word that my brother is using to seek for answers from Google than I take that word and try to make myself appear for him… Lol… why topical research is just rendering information that solves problem.

Lets go back to what Mr. Schmidt said “ Brands are solution, not the problem” if you keep repeating it you will notice he’s talking about topical research and that’s what big brands do, they find solution not hunt for problems which keyword researching does. If most of us don’t know when you appear on wrong keyword on google and a searcher view your link and does like your content then leave immediately increases bounce rate.

Looking at what I said above you will notice Google Vince is still used again there… which means we have to give solution to problem not find problems for ourselves?

Check the below map reading for both topical research and keyword research;

Topical research is not that popular because we have been flooded with keyword research making us forget that keyword research is just chasing traffic while topical research is about finding answers to questions that people need and that’s the role Google plays…


The map reading shows that keyword research is not effective anymore as topical research why?

Because keyword research is for our fore fathers and topical research is new age solution which we never found out. If you check the image well you would see topical research queries are increasing daily while keyword research don’t solve the problem anymore.

I would advise you save all images here so you can research about it and find the truth while thinking about it…

Focus on Strategy Not Techniques

Yeah you heard me right…

Instead of looking for a technique to help you rank front page while not think of the strategy to make people love your content and that will make Google move you up and know the value you render.

Every sites I know try to render valuable information not race for traffic using keywords without value.

If you know a piece of marketing you would know its not just about techniques but also about strategy, How to, why to, how do I and so on…
Basically focus on strategy to get your brand domain known…


Ok, finally we at the end of the case study for most who don’t understand my purpose of this case study, is to show us what we haven’t been exploring in SEO.

I never gave a solution to solve the problem we lack from this case study which I would be adding in this conclusion section don’t mind if its long, we here to fix problems not create one.

What you never knew

Keywords are meant to be added to our topical research not make a different research on keyword while abandoning topical research because the words on your topic are what your searcher might be using.

Don’t believe very thing you see on the internet, perform a test program on it first.

Think out of finding traffic but finding solution.

Google Vince is what controls the search engine not Google animals.

Lastly, topical research is done by sleeping on Google search engine and find what works for you best not implementing keywords only, if you check most keyword video course you would see when they are created like Lynda, LinkedIn and so on. Find a way to get yourself on that search engine and get noticed.

A good way to find topics people need is getting yourself on forums that means trending topics they are asking on the forum.

That doesn’t stop you from using Google trend in checking what people are searching for and which is popular more, Google trend is a good tool…

Keyword research is basically useful to advertisers using Facebook ads, Google ads, instagram ads etc because they will appear on the words when typed in search engine that’s why keyword planner was added under Google ads (Google is changing from Google adwords soon).

If you haven’t heard of Google’s new update titled “Mobile first algorithm” go read about it.

No one is leaving Google animals algorithm we are finding a we to make us standout.

If you have question on topical research please ask in the comment box or you still surprised about the above information and you have more questions, ask as much as possible I would answer all….

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