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Adding Creativity To Improve your Blogging Career in Nigeria


Hy There, we all know blogging is not an easy task either is it easy to make money from blogging. yeah improving your blogging career matters alot, many might say am just blogging for fun or blogging to make money online or because i see others doing it. i will share with you the best way to bring creativity in blogging.

Let’s Get The Party Started!

This is nigeria where everyone wants to make hay without been creative, yeah i speak the truth.

How many of us really wants to be a blogger to share informative articles rather than just making money?

Note: 62% of blogs created in nigeria are not created to share informative post but all about making money, but do you know sharing informative post brings the money you wish.

Let’s take a sneak peak at linda ikeji if she had not been sharing valuable news about the country to help us connect with our country and know what is happening, today i guess if we will have a linda.. LOL.

That’s just a dream!! 

Creativity! creativity! creativity!

what is creativity in blogging?

Creativity in blogging is talking about been able to give valuable which others have not been able to give.

Been Creative In Blogging

Been creative in blogging, ask yourself are you creative? what does it takes to be creative?

Looks like you dont know if you creative, i would be listing some things i believe you should be creative in while blogging:

  • Been able to generate a good name for your blog (Not copied)
  • Been able to write over 1000 words on an article without using google or finding additional information to support your article. ( copying lines from other blogs)
  • Been able to use a different theme from other blogs( cloning is not a way of been creative you just telling your visitors you not creative)
  • Been able to create a logo that talks about the blog.
  • Been able to relate with your blogging niche
  • Been able to create a to do task for your blog every month.
  • Been able to learn about others to make you differentiate yourself from them with a unique way( learning about people’s blogging life and trying not to make mistakes they had).

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Yes oh, i mentioned enough.

In addition been creative is not just only about waiting for other blogs in your niche to blog something before you do the same, have you try blogging something before them especially if you blog about news alot.

I see many Nigerian blogs waiting for Linda Ikeji, Bellanaija, Naijaloaded, Tooxclusive to blog either news,music or video before they go and copy then blog it..

That a way of showing the internet that you ain’t creative and that your blog cannot give them the creativity they need from you.

To correct this big mistakes here is an idea.

Try following as many artist you can follow, which you know do sing and if its news then try following people that will give you the news like newspaper companies, Tv Channels or even radio stations.

That works for alot of bloggers and this keeps them moving forward including me.

Giving your blog the best gives you the best you wished…

if you having problem in writing your blog articles why not let us know in the comment box so we can give you a quick tip to save you.

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