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Why You Should read: The Road Ahead – Bill Gate


The road ahead is a motivational book from bill gate which I would love every digital technology lovers of this present age to read. The book talks about how new technology would change our lives, which has already started happening. As he said we are on the brink of a new revolution, and crossing a technology threshold that forever change the way we buy, work, learn and communicate with each other.
In his book titled “The road ahead” bill gates takes us back to when he chose to drop out of Harvard to start his own software company (Microsoft inc) in order to participate in the rise of the personal computer he foresaw. Just as the personal computer revolutionized the way we work, the tools of the information age – which are even now becoming everyday reality – will transform the way we make choices about almost everything.
The road ahead consist of just 286 pages which was written in 1995 a with a well written table of content for the book, I would list the table of content so we can understand some of his works.
  • Acknowledgments
  • forword
  1.          A revolution begins
    2.       The beginning of the information age
    3.       Lessons from the computer industry
    4.       Applications and appliances
    5.       Paths to the highway
    6.       The content revolution
    7.       Implications for business
    8.       Friction free capitalism
    9.       Education: the best investment
    10.   Plugged in at home
    11.   Race for the gold
    12.   Critical issues
  • afterword
  • index
The author highlighted twelve points that will feature in the road ahead and why you should be prepared to face them.
The above table of content is how the content is listed in the book you could see how he explained everything from the beginning to critical issues where he talked about how new technology will impact a lot in our lives. The book also stretches your mind and forces you to start thinking about the future.
The path to the highway is the most interesting part of the book where he talked how we would be deep into internet and information services.
He talked about how electronic mail works and how social media will help improve communication system.

“Then my question comes was this where mark zuckerberg also got his idea about creating a social meia like facebook following the information highway of bill gate?”

After I read the book most of the predictions he made about the future of computer has come true. The book also inspired me in learning more about programming language.
There is more yet to be discovered on his book, this book also opens your mind about technology days that are yet to still come.
If you haven’t gotten the book you have missed a lot why not get yours from the book store around you or get a copy online.
If you wish to get yours click here -> Amazon (shipping to nigeria involved) | PDF
Lets discuss more about this book if you have read it in the comment section. I did love to hear your opinion about how technology will look like in 25 years from now.

Don’t forget I also asked a question about facebook, keep the comment section live about the road ahead.

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