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Mtn Introduces Data Plan Rollover as NCC Instructed


Effective responds has been put in place as telecommunication companies ( MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile) started making changes to as NCC announced the new data rollover policy.

Mtn is the first telecommunication company to apply this changes to there data plan, as the policy implies that subcribers can still use their data plan for some days after it expires.

Mtn Announced it on its products services page on it’s website which is quoted below;

Data Rollover: Now you can rollover your unused internet data to the next month subscription. All you have to do is ensure that you auto-renew your data subscription before it expires and your unused data is automatically moved to the next month. Note that data rollover feature is only applicable to monthly plans.

Mtn has also released the days of which you can still enjoy your data for different plans stated below;

Mtn Rollover Data Plan

MTN Daily Plans valid for a day can now be used for extra 1 day, making 2 days for the expired data.

MTN Weekly Plans valid for 7 days, can now be used for extra 3 days, making 8 days validity period.

MTN Monthly Plans valid for 30 days (a month), can now be used for extra 7 days, making 37 days validity period for the expired data.

With this new changes which has been made alot of people can now have a rest of mind at data expiring the following day, looking at the new feature announced by NCC is a good idea…

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