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How to use my computer as Wi-Fi hotspot


Do you have a computer or laptop? You have been trying to create a Wi-Fi hotspot just like you do on your android devices, well I have made it easy for you to create yours on your personal computer or laptop.
This works perfectly on windows 7, windows xp, windows 8, windows 10 and MacOS which has command prompt.

This tutorial am sharing today, you don’t need apps on it before. You can create or host a Wi-Fi hotspot on your computer. Well you might not know this feature is available on windows os or mac os and have tested both and working perfectly.

Instead of you using your smartphone internet using its inbuilt hotspot you can apply the step by step guide and get it done on your computer, with what I noticed many computer (pc) users download various software to make their computer or laptop a wifi hotspot which might contain spyware and adware, which might get you angry seeing this things.

 So I suggest you not to download any such software’s, instead use this my detailed and easy tutorial which am going to tell you right now.

Step by step guide
Note: like I said this could work on mac and windows operating system.
Firstly I will be sharing two(2) various ways 
how to open a Wi-Fi hotspot using command prompt.
1.       Click start windows or mac button
2.       Type command prompt into start. This will bring up the command prompt icon.
3.       Right click command prompt and click run as administrator. This option is available only via right click drop down menu.
4.       Click yes. Then command prompt should open
5.       Type “Netsh wlan show drivers” and press enter. Note command will display information to help you confirm that your computer can create a hotspot with the command prompt.
6.       Look for “yes” next to “hosted network supported” if you see yes that means your computer supports the hosted network feature.
7.       Now type the code below into command prompt.
“Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=deegeek key=deelinopass”
                And press enter. Make sure to replace “deegeek” and “deelinopass” text with what you want your hotspot name and passwords to be.
8.       Type “Netsh wlan start hosted network” and press enter. This will turn on your Wi-Fi hotspot
9.       Exit command prompt if you like, now enjoy your hotspot.
How to make wifi hotspot using notepad
1.       Open notepad, copy the following code below and paste in notepad
“Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=deegeek key=deelinopass”
“Netsh wlan start hostednetwork”

2.       Save the notepad file as .bat  format i.e deelinohotspot.bat
3.       Right click on “deelinohotspot.bat” and click run as administrator
4.       Wait for a while to complete the process
5.       Now hotspot is live.
6.       Connect with the password you set “deelinopass”

If you having any difficulties, please leave a comment for us to help you.

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