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Google makes it easier to manage your account on Android


Google has made an improved google account experience for Android users to update their privacy and security settings. Google has been its new feature publicly known that it’s much easier to navigate your account using android.

The new features include;

  • More prominent security and privacy options with detailed summaries associated with it, like.
    • personal info
    • your devices
    • payment methods
    • purchases
    • subscriptions
    • reservations and contacts
Google also made it known to us that this new features are available only on Android and would be made available for web and ios later this year.

In addition, to the features which Google improved on android google account in order to make it easier to review and control data, Google added a search functionality that enables you access settings and other info you might be looking for in your account, like how to change your password.

When you have a problem but don’t quite know what to look for, you can access a new dedicated support section as well. There, you’ll find help with common tasks, like upgrading your account storage and get answers from community experts.

Google also made it easy for you to understand your account when it comes to personalizing your data and privacy, they made all your privacy options easy to review with their new intuitive, user-tested design.

You can now more easily find your Activity controls in the Data & Personalization tab and choose what types of activity data are saved in your account to make Google work better for you. There, you’ll also find the recently updated Privacy Checkup that helps you review your privacy settings and explains how they shape your experience across Google services.

Google product manager added “We are committed to providing you with the controls you need to choose what’s right for you.”  in their blog post.

This new update will serve Android users finding it difficult to access and understand their accounts, as this features will serve as a better user experience in many years.

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