Hy guys, in this article on making money online from bitcoin I would be giving you trusted bitcoin mining sites I have worked with and have earned some amounts of bitcoins and other coins like litecoin, dash coin, and bitcoin cash. So today I would be sharing this links and method with you, tho I have sold this links for some really cool amount of cash above $7 I believe I deserve some accolades for sharing this links with you LOL.

Well, for those who don’t know they can earn bitcoin from mining or they might have come across many fake mining sites, today these mining sites am sharing are legit, I would show my wallet screenshot and coinbase wallets just to verify that the sites am dropping here is trusted and they pay.

How to earn Free cryptocurrency coins

Here we go, follow the steps carefully below;
• Register at www.coinpot.co ( Register using your email registered use in coinpot)

• After that, you can login in your account to verify its created.

Coinpot is also a wallet so you save to keep your coins on it, but if you feel like withdrawing it to sell you can use the withdrawal button for any of the coins you which to withdraw and use any of the various withdrawal method available indicating free no extra charges.

Note: coinpot used to support withdrawal to coinbase before but recently they don’t support because of the charges coinbase request from them.

So use any other method and from the method, you used in withdrawing your coin you can also withdraw from the wallet and send to coinbase and from coinbase you can sale your coin (note that coinbase don’t allow buy and sell in Nigeria so you cant sell)

I would advise from coinbase you send your coin to another online buy and sale site like paxful but coinbase will remove extra charges.

Now here is the trick to get free coins from mining, the links below are to be saved somewhere you can always access it when you need to mine from the site or better still bookmark this page as your saved page so you can always find the link and other new links I add with time for you.

The links below only require you to add the email you used in registering at coinpot so if you don’t have the account and you mine the coin you mined are useless.

The ref link gives the extra bonus and daily bonus, even I use it… so don’t forget to always use them so you can get doubled coins when mining.

Dash Coin Mining

Dodgecoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining

Litecoin Mining

after entering your email you might notice pop-ups or new windows opening don’t bother that’s how moon earn from you for you to earn from them… when you logged in the mining site you can mine and This is the secret you need to claim at least every five minutes or once a day to maintain your loyalty bonus from the ref, you don’t need to do anything. Just claim as much as you want and the faucet is giving you all just like a water in faucet you can claim in when your time is available.

Note that all your claims in the moon are going to your coinpot account

This is a secret…. even you’re not doing anything you earning is growing…

This is the easiest way to mine online from me instead of using other bitcoin faucets that you have to stay online 24/7 or you might lose a big amount of coin…

I also promised to show you some screenshots to believe that this article is not fake but to solve your bitcoin mining problem.


I would also be updating this page with new links that are faster in mining so bookmark this page…

Give me a thank you note in the comment box if this worked for you…

Happy mining….

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